PDF Patterns

Do you offer downloadable patterns in PDF format?

Yes! All of our pattern collection is available in both printed paper patterns as well as downloadable, print-at-home PDFs.

Great! How do PDF patterns work?

PDF patterns are instantly downloadable as soon as you complete the checkout process. The pattern is divided into multiple files for the print-at-home pattern pieces, copy shop pattern pieces, instructions, cutting layouts and envelope information. Select and print only what you need.

The print-at-home pattern is printable on Letter or A4 format paper. The pattern pieces will need to be assembled in tiles, a guide is provided on how to assemble the pattern and which pieces to print for each view.

Do I have to create an account?

Yes, that's the only way to be able to check on your orders and most importantly, access downloadable files forever. Your account information is kept private and will not be shared or used for any purpose other than shipping your order, and contacting you if necessary.

How quickly will I get my pattern?

Instantly! As soon as you complete checkout, you’ll get a link to download the pattern. A link will also be emailed to you in your order confirmation, and the pattern will always be there in your account, under Completed Orders.

What if I didn't receive the email with the link to download the pattern?

First, sometimes our payment confirmation emails end up in your email's SPAM folder, so be sure to check there too! 

If you're still not seeing the email, follow the steps below to access your PDF pattern:

1. Log into your Sewaholic Patterns account

2. After logging in, on the left hand side select ORDERS.

3. Next, select the receipt for the invoice in which you purchased the pattern. To do so, click ORDER #YOUR ORDER NUMBER from the list of invoices.

4. Scroll down to view the invoice details, and over the photo of the PDF pattern, click the PINK ARROW pointing downwards to access the PDF file.

How do I print my pattern? What size paper do I need? Can I print it at a copy shop?

The print-at-home pattern is printable on Letter or A4 format paper. The pattern pieces will need to be assembled in tiles, a guide is provided within the pattern on how to assemble the pattern and which pieces to print for each view.

The great part about our PDF patterns is the helpful guide indicating which pieces you need for each view. Only print the pages you need, for the view you plan to make. Saves paper, ink & time, and it’s kinder to the planet!

Very Important: When you print, make sure you have the printer settings set to ‘Actual Size’ or 'Print at 100%' and not ‘Fit to page’ or 'Shrink to fit.' There is a Test Square provided on page one to check that the dimensions are correct. You may want to print page 1 only to ensure it’s printing at the right scale, before printing the entire pattern!

Copy Shop Version:

All patterns also include a 36" wide format file options to print at a copy shop. All patterns include both print-at-home tiled pattern pieces as well as the wide-format option. We offer no guarantee that all copy shops worldwide will be able to print the pattern. 

How do I assemble my PDF pattern?

Follow the included guide to assembling the pattern. There are circles to match on each piece, simply cut off the border and match the circles to assemble the pattern pieces. Check out our tips on assembling PDF Patterns on the Sewaholic blog

Where do I find the PDF file in my account?

Your PDF patterns will be saved forever in your account under ‘Orders.’

How many times can I download the file?

As many times as you want! Your PDF file will be stored in your account forever and you can download and print it as many times as you need to.

Why was I charged tax on my PDF pattern purchase? I live in the EU.

There are now taxes on digital products only to customers in the European Union. A new law went into effect January 1, 2015 that requires sellers of digital products worldwide to collect taxes on sales to the EU. This law uses the purchaser's country to calculate the rate of tax, rather than the seller's country. We use the VAT rate in the country you purchase from to calculate the sales tax on your order. For more information here is the official European Union documentation, with FAQ answers here.

Orders for physical products shipping to the EU are not taxed.

Help! I ordered a PDF pattern but I really wanted the print version.

All PDF patterns are final sale. Due to the nature of digital goods, and the fact that you receive access to the files immediately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on PDF patterns. Please check your order carefully when shopping, and make sure you have selected the correct pattern format.

Anything else to know about PDF patterns?

All PDF patterns are final sale. No refunds will be processed on downloadable products. Please do not share or distribute our PDF patterns.