Minoru Jacket

The Minoru Jacket is a zip-front weekend jacket with raglan sleeves and a fitted elastic waist.
0-16 included
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The Minoru is a zip-front weekend jacket with an optional secret hood hidden inside a wide collar. View A features the full jacket with hood. Or, View B is without the hood and with the cute collar as the focus.

Easy-to-sew raglan sleeves give the jacket a comfortable fit. The jacket's elastic waistline creates waist-hugging silhouette.

If you're not sure which version to sew, the hood is designed to be tucked away in the wide, roomy collar. It's ready for when you need it, but stays hidden when you don’t! The collar looks great done up or left open. The jacket is fully lined, with interior patch pockets to stash your cards and keys safely and out of sight.

For sizing and material list, view the pattern details here in yards or meters.


First Printing: Sewing Step 22, text should read 'Press under jacket hem, 2 5/8" (7cm) - the 5/8" symbol is missing.